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To "keep the LSE spirit alive" in Germany, we regularly invite distinguished academics, politicians, business people to give lectures about relevant, current topics. The following list gives an overview of the speakers we hosted in the past years.


  • Prof. Klaus Goetz, Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences of LMU Munich: "Why is contemporary politics so turbulent? And is that a bad thing?"

  • Panel discussion with Mara Cole (city of Munich), Craig B Davis (Clean Green Fast GmbH), Andreas Köglmaier (PTV Group) and Rajarshi Rakesh Sahai (Mobility Fund) on: "Resilience of Urban Mobility"


  • Prof. Kristina Spohr, Department of International History at LSE: "From Wendezeit to Zeitenwende: Rebuilding the World after 1989, Tearing up the post-Wall Peace in 2022"


  • Prof. Michael Cox, Director of LSE IDEAS and Emeritus Professor of International Relations at LSE: "Can the West survive the populist challenge?"


  • Elizabeth Hofvenschiöld, Future Innovation Researcher at Daimler AG: "The Future of Mobility"


  • Prof. Iain Begg, Professorial Research Fellow and Co-Director of the Dahrendorf Forum: "Brexit: Where are we now; what happens next"

  • Dr. Waltraud Schelkle, Associate Professor of Political Economy at the European Institute at LSE: "Brexit or Lalaland - what the UK's decision tells us about European integration"


  • Prof. Kevin Featherstone, Head of the European Institute at LSE: "The future of Europe - and of the UK"

  • Prof. Dan Korn, former Member of the Israeli Parliament: "The Forgotten Peace Process: The Impact of the ‘New’ Middle East on Israeli Politics"

  • Panel discussion with Dr. Ralf Stegner (SPD) and Frank Schäffler (FDP) on: "What does Brexit mean for Great Britain and Europe?"


  • Vasyl Myroshnychenko, Co-Founder of Ukraine Crisis Media Center, Partner CFC Consulting: "Ukraine Crisis. Hybrid Warfare and Russian Disinformation"


  • Prof. Michael Cox, Director of LSE IDEAS and Emeritus Professor of International Relations at LSE: "Will the 21st Century be Asian, Western or Nobody's?"

  • Dr. Ingo Luge, CEO of E.ON Deutschland: "Energy Supply 2025 - A Thought Experiment"


  • Professor Dr. Gustav Adolf Horn, Director of the IMK: "Die Euro Krise"

  • Prof. Philipp Rode, Executive Director of LSE Cities and Senior Research Fellow at the LSE: "Facilitating Green Transformation: How Cities are leading the next economy"

  • Lord Wallace of Saltaire, British academic, writer and LibDem politician: "Britain and the EU - where will the British Government lead towards?"

  • Prof. Dr. Eva Micheler, Reader in Lawat the LSE: "Improving Stewardship – Recent Developments in Corporate Governance"

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