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Recap: Annual Meeting 2022 in Berlin

On 10 and 11 September, 56 alumni joined the annual meeting 2022 in Berlin. The annual meeting started on Saturday with a visit to the Memorial Berlin-Hohenschönhausen, the former GDR Stasi prison. Contemporary witnesses gave us an authentic and very vivid impression of the prison conditions between 1946 and 1990.

In the evening, we enjoyed a reception and dinner at the prestigious Berlin Capital Club next to Gendarmenmark.

During the dinner, LSE Professor Kristina Spohr, one of the leading experts on security architecture post 1989 and the author of a landmark biography of former chancellor Helmut Schmidt, gave us her interpretation of the revolutionary upheaval of 1989 and its impact on later development from post-Wall peace to the current conflicts. Her lecture sparked a lively and extensive Q&A session and many discussions among alumni afterwards.

On Sunday, we jointly kicked off a series of start-up events called “Social Innovation Trek” hosted by LSE Generate with a panel of LSE Alumni Start-up Entrepreneurs, including Ola Kohut, Founder of Joy Space and Rayd Abu-Ayyash, MD of Value for Good, discussing "Change Makers: How entrepreneurship is a catalyst for the betterment of society" at INOSPACE at betahaus in Kreuzberg.

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