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Recap of the General Meeting on 19 January

Last Saturday, the General Meeting of our association took place in Frankfurt. After a guided tour exploring the city’s rebuilt new "Altstadt" (old town) members gathered at the Evangelische Akademie for the General Meeting.

During the General Meeting members unanimously elected the new board for the new term: Pia Wagner (President), Manuel Geggus (Vice President), Rüdiger Trost (Vice President), Dr. Gerd Müller-Brockhausen (Treasurer), Christine Bartsch, Florian Brum and Lukacs Dörfner (Members of the Board). Ruth Harte agreed to serve another term as Cash Auditor.

Dr. Till Tömmel, who is currently teaching at Jiaotong university in Shanghai, did not seek reelection. Pia Wagner, president of the German Friends of LSE, thanked him on behalf of all members for his contributions to the German Friends of LSE.

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