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Invitation to the German Symposium 2020 at LSE

Updated: Oct 30, 2021

The German Society will host its annual German Symposium from 3 to 7 February at the LSE. Under the guiding motto “Beyond Borders”, the LSE German Symposium 2020 takes the 30th anniversary of the German Reunification not only as an opportunity to look back at the historic event but most importantly to explore the social, economic and political frontiers Europe is and will be facing.

While the Iron Curtain separating East and West served as a constant reminder of the division of people, borders are often invisible and run through society itself. In that context, the German Symposium strives to explore how Germany should respond to growing social inequality, migration and extremism that is pulling Europe apart. “Beyond Borders” at the German Symposium is about global questions as well as Germany’s and Europe’s answers. Have a look at the website of the German Symposium for all speakers and details. If you are in London during the Symposium and would like to attend one of the events, please book your tickets via the eventbrite link on the German Symposium website.

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